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PBSN is announcing 2024 Interim Income Distribution on 30th April 2024 for BSN Dana Al-Jadid, BSN Dana Dividen Al-Ifrah and BSN Dana Wakaf Al-Ikhlas with the distribution totaling RM3.58 million.

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Amanah Saham Bank Simpanan Nasional(ASBSN) telah dilancarkan pada 12 Januari 1995.

Al-Jadid bermaksud Permulaan Baru bagi PBSN dalam usahanya untuk mempelbagaikan produk pelaburan yang ditawarkan kepada orang ramai

BSN Dana Dividen Al-Ifrah telah dilancarkan pada 12 September 2012. Pelanggan boleh berurusan di kaunter BSN atau Pejabat PBSN.

BSN Dana Wakaf Al-Ikhlas telah dilancarkan pada 25 Mac 2022. Pelanggan boleh berurusan di kaunter BSN atau Pejabat PBSN.

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Dear valued investors and business partners,

We wish to highlight that the entity named “Pelaburan Bank BSN” with the website address https://t.me/Pelaburanbankbsnn is NOT related to Permodalan BSN Berhad nor Bank Simpanan Nasional (holding company of Permodalan BSN Berhad) and the mentioned entity is an unauthorised entity offering illegal investment schemes with high returns to the general public as published in the Investor Alert List of the Securities Commission Malaysia.


 Name of Unauthorised Website/Products/Entities/IndividualAddressWebsiteDescriptions
Potential clone entity – Pelaburan Bank BSNN/Ahttps://t.me/PelaburanbankbsnnMisusing the name and credentials of Bank Simpanan Nasional (a Development Financial Institution (DFIA 2002 Prescribed Institution) with the Bank Negara Malaysia) to carry out an illegal investment scheme offering high returns e.g. return of RM7,000 in 3-6 hours with investment of RM500

Please log into the Securities Commission Malaysia’s website at www.sc.com.my to find out more about the list of unauthorised websites, investment products, companies and individuals from time to time.