AmanahRaya Trustees Berhad

AmanahRaya Trustees Berhad (ART) was incorporated on 23 March 2007, is ultimately owned by Amanah Raya Berhad, was incorporated under the Malaysia’s Companies Act 1965 on 23 March 2007.

The Company is registered as a trust company under the Malaysia’s Trust Companies Act 1949 and eligible to act as trustee to Collective Investment Scheme, corporate bonds and private retirement schemes by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). With effect from 2 January 2019, ART is registered and approved as trustees under SC’s new Guidelines on the Registration and Conduct of Capital Market Services Providers.

ART’s core businesses are trusteeship for Collective Investment Scheme comprising Unit Trust Funds, Wholesale Funds and Real Estate Investment Trust, Private Retirement Scheme and Corporate Bonds and Sukuk.