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BSN Dana Dividen Al-Ifrah telah dilancarkan pada 12 September 2012. Dalam bahasa arab "Al-Ifrah" membawa maksud menggembirakan orang lain.

Objektif pelaburan dana ini adalah untuk memberikan pendapatan yang konsisten* dengan melabur dalam ekuiti patuh Syariah yang memberi pulangan dividen yang menarik.

*Nota : Agihan pendapatan akan dilaburkan semula sebagai unit tambahan. “Dividen menarik” merujuk kepada saham syarikat-syarikat yang mana telah memberikan purata tahunan dividen kasar sekurang-kurangnya 3% untuk 3 tahun yang lepas dari tahun kewangan terkini.

Fund Information

Name of the Fund

BSN Dana Dividen Al-Ifrah

Fund Category

Equity (Islamic)

Fund Type


Maximum Approved Fund Size

800 million Units

Offer Period

The period of twenty-one (21) days commencing from the Launch Date or such other shorter period as may be determined by the Manager.

The Manager may shorten the Offer Period in the event of the following:

if the Fund is fully subscribed during the Offer Period; or

if the Manager is of the view that it is timely to commence the Fund to enable it to purchase assets of the Fund due to market conditions.

Offer Price


Commencement Date

The 7th Business Day after the end of the Offer Period. 

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide consistent income* by investing in Shariah-compliant equities with attractive dividend# yield and/or potential dividend yield.

*Note: Distribution of income will be done by way of reinvestment into additional Units.

#Note: “Attractive dividend” refers to stocks of companies which have provided an average gross dividend of at least 3% for the past 3 years from the latest financial year.

Investment Policy and Strategy

To achieve the investment objective, the Fund will invest in Shariah-compliant equities with records of paying attractive dividend# and/or having the potential to yield attractive dividend#. In addition to expecting dividend, the portfolio will also be actively managed to enhance returns by providing medium to long-term capital appreciation opportunities.

#Note: “Attractive dividend” refers to stocks of companies which have provided an average gross dividend of at least 3% for the past 3 years from the latest financial year.

Asset Allocation

A minimum of 70% of the NAV will be invested in Shariah-compliant equities listed on the Bursa Malaysia.

The balance of the NAV that is not invested in Shariah-compliant equities listed on Bursa Malaysia will be invested in Islamic money market instruments, Shariah-based deposits and any other form of short-term investments/instruments which are Shariah-compliant.

Performance Benchmark

FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index (FBMSHA)

Source: www.bursamalaysia.com

Principal Risks

Company specific risk

Dividend policy risk

Market risk

Liquidity risk

Reclassification of Shariah status risk

Investors’ Profile

The Fund is suitable for Investors who:

seek consistent income over the medium to long term* via investments in Shariah-compliant equities with attractive dividend yield and/or potential dividend yield; and

have a moderate to high risk tolerance.

*Note: Medium to long term is a period of three to more than five years.

Financial Year End

31 December

Distribution Policy

Subject to the availability of income, the Manager will distribute income once a year.

Mode of Distribution

All distribution proceeds will be reinvested as additional Units based on the NAV per Unit without costs on the income payment date which is on the third (3rd) Business Day after the income declaration date.


This table describes the charges that you may directly incur when you purchase or redeem Units:

Sales Charge

Manager: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit

BSN Branches: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit

Unit Trust Consultants/Agents: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit

The above sales charge is negotiable.

Redemption Charge


Transfer Fee

RM10.00 per transfer.

Switching Fee


Other Charges

Charges, for instance bank charges, telegraphic charges and courier charges, shall be borne by the Unit Holder in order to execute transactions on behalf of the Unit Holder.

This table describes the fees that you may indirectly incur when you invest in the Fund:

Annual Management Fee

One point five per centum (1.50%) per annum of the NAV calculated and accrued on a daily basis.

Annual Trustee Fee

Zero point zero six per centum (0.06%) per annum of the NAV of the Fund subject to a minimum of RM18,000 per annum calculated and accrued on a daily basis (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges, if any).

Other Expenses

Commissions paid to brokers;

Auditors’ fee;

Tax Adviser’s fee;

Shariah Adviser’s fee;

Valuation fee;


Custodial charges;

Annual/Interim reports;

Independent Investment Committee Member fee; and

Any other expenses that is directly related and necessary

to the business of the Fund.


Minimum Initial Investment

RM500 or such other lower amount as the Manager may decide from time to time.

Minimum Holdings

The Manager does not impose a minimum holdings requirement.

Minimum Additional Investment

RM100 or such other lower amount as the Manager may decide from time to time.

Cooling-off Policy

Investors who are qualified for the cooling-off right may obtain a refund on their investment in the Fund, if they so requests within the cooling-off period i.e. the period of six (6) Business Days commencing from the date of receipt of the application for Units by the Manager.

The cooling-off right is only given to an Investor who is investing for the first time in any of the unit trust funds managed by the Manager

Corporations/institutions, staff of the Manager and persons registered to deal in unit trust funds of the Manager are not entitled to a cooling-off right. 

Frequency of Redemption and Minimum Redemption Amount

There is no restriction on the frequency and the number of times a Unit Holder can make a redemption request.

Payment of Redemption Proceeds

Within ten (10) days of the date the redemption request is received by the Manager.

Transfer Facility

Available on request and subject to a fee of RM10.00 per transfer.

Switching Facility

Unit Holders may switch into any of the funds managed by the Manager. 

Switching from a Shariah-based fund to a conventional fund is discouraged especially for Muslim unit holders.

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