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Product Information

BSN Islamic Tactical Fund

Base Currency

Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”)

Fund Category

Equity Fund (Islamic)

Investment Objective

The investment objective seeks to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long term period through investment in growth shariah-compliant stocks.

Investment Policy and Strategy

The Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant stocks that have growth potential.

Asset Allocation

A minimum of 70% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant stocks listed on the Bursa Malaysia.

The balance of the NAV that is not invested in Shariah-compliant stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia will be invested in Islamic money market instruments, Islamic deposits and any other form of short-term investments/instruments which are Shariah-compliant.

Performance Benchmark

FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index (FBMSHA)

Source: www.bursamalaysia.com

Specific Risks

  • Particular Stock/Securities Risk
  • Shariah-compliant Warrants Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Reclassification of Shariah Status Risk

Investor Profile

The Fund is suitable for those who:

  • seek capital gain over the medium to long term* via investments in Malaysian Shariah-compliant equities; and
  • have a high risk tolerance.

*Note: Medium to long term is a period of three to more than five years.

Financial Year End

31 December

Distribution Policy

Subject to the availability of income after deducting all fees and expenses, the Manager will distribute income once a year.

Mode of Distribution

Subject to the availability of income, all distribution proceeds will be reinvested as additional Units based on the NAV per Unit without costs on the income payment date which is on the third (3rd) Business Day after the income declaration date, unless otherwise requested by Unit Holders.

Sales Charge
  • Manager: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit
  • BSN branches: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit
  • Unit trust consultants/agents: up to 4.50% of the NAV per Unit
Redemption Charge

The Manager does not intend to impose any redemption charge.

Transfer Fee

A fee of up to RM50.00 per transfer is imposed on Unit Holders for any requests to transfer Units.

Switching Fee

The Manager does not intend to impose any switching fee.

Other Expenses

  • Commissions/fees paid to brokers;
  • Auditors’ fee;
  • Tax adviser’s fee;
  • Shariah Adviser’s fee (where applicable);
  • Valuation fees incurred for valuation of any Shariah-compliant investment of the Funds by
  • independent valuers for the benefit of the Funds;
  • Taxes (including but not limited to GST) and other indirect or similar duties imposed by the
  • law or government and/or other regulatory authorities required to be paid in connection with
  • any costs, fees and expenses as may be charged to the Fund;
  • 18
  • Cost for modification of the Deed save where such modification is for the benefit of the
  • Manager and/or Trustee;
  • Costs, fees and expenses incurred for any meeting of the Unit Holders save where such
  • meeting is convened for the benefit of the Manager and/or the Trustee;
  • Independent investment committee members fee;
  • Other fees and/or expenses directly related to the Fund such as printing and publishing
  • interim and annual reports; and

Any other fees and/or expenses allowed under the Deed.

Annual Management Fee

The annual management fee imposed by each of the Fund is one point six five per centum (1.65%) per annum of the NAV of the Fund calculated and accrued on a daily basis.

Minimum Initial Investment


Minimum Additional Investment


Cooling-off Policy

If you change your mind about an investment that you have made in the Fund, you may request for a refund of your investment within six (6) Business Days from the date of your application for Units accepted by us. Refund for every Unit held following a request for a reversal of an application would be the sum of:

A cooling-off right is only available to qualified individual investor who is investing for the first time in any of the unit trust funds managed by us.

Frequency of Redemption and Minimum Redemption Amount

There is no restriction on the frequency of redemption and the number of times a Unit Holder can make a redemption request. The Manager does not prescribe a minimum redemption amount.

Payment of Redemption Proceeds

Within ten (10) days of the date the redemption request is received by the Manager.

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