Cross Trade

Generally, Permodalan BSN Berhad (PBSN) does not practice cross-trades in managing portfolios or funds. However, in the event of unavoidable scenario(s)  cross-trades can only be undertaken provided that the :- ‘


a) sales and purchase are in the best interest of both clients;

b) transactions are executed through a dealer or a financial institution on an arm’s length and fair value basis;

c) reason for such transactions is documented prior to executing of the trades;

d) cross-trade transactions are disclosed to both clients; and

e) prior consent from clients has been obtained in documented form or documented in the offering document (i.e standing letter of consent given by client, disclosure in IMA, disclosure in prospectus) or disclose on PBSN’s website, whichever is applicable.


Cross-trades between :

a) employee of PBSN and the client; or

b) PBSN for its proprietary trading and its clients


are STRICTLY prohibited.